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Unique. Compact, simple and cheap

Moisture meter "SOLO" is intended for measurement moisture of powdery, solid, granular and fibrous products both in laboratory conditions and in workshops or storehouses. Sphere of application: agriculture, pharmacology, food and chemical industry, production of construction materials, etc.

Innovative weighting technique used in this analyzer leads to ease construction, reduce analyzer weight and power consuming, which makes it portable, relatively cheap in production, easy in usage and maintenance.

Moisture meter "SOLO" can compete both with analogous thermogravimetric devices because of the less price as well as with cheap capacitance moisture meters because of higher accuracy and wide number of investigated products.

Technical characteristics

Moisture measurement range 0 — 70 %
Absolute accuracy 
  — low moisture content 0.3%
  — high moisture content 1.5%
Moisture content display resolution 0.1
Maximum weighing capacity 1000 mg
Heating temperatures 50 — 120 °C
Measurement time 5 — 25 min
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumptions 70 W
Weight 0.5 kg
Width, depth, height 120х250х70 mm
Price. Approx. 800 USD

Moisture meter (analyzer) layout

Current state

Construction is patented, several production prototypes of meter was created which showed the results described above. Organization interested in full-scale production is looked for.


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